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The Disparity Between Donor Trust and Consideration to Give

I was recently asked by a client to conduct a market assessment. Part of that assessment involved reviewing the organisation’s relative position against similar organisations. There are several longitudinal reports and studies available providing rich seams of data to mine. One report* I reviewed, tracked a variety of general public opinions about UK charities. I […]

Rogare Fundraising Think Tank completes comprehensive review of theory underpinning relationship fundraising

In January 215, Rogare began a comprehensive review of relationship fundraising. In a project jointly funded by US donor management software company Bloomerang and American fundraising agency – Pursuant, Rogare set out to identify academic theories that fundraisers can use to further enhance the donor experience. The resulting four-volume report – Relationship Fundraising: Where Do […]

12 Ways to Tackle Decision-Making Bias

A few weeks ago I presented the results of a marketing test. The results, whilst robust and statistically valid, were controversial as they demonstrated that a prevailing organisational strategy was potentially flawed. I knew that the presentation would be tough but I was hoping that the facts would speak for themselves. The results were presented, consternation […]

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