Clear Thinking

Rogare Fundraising Think Tank completes comprehensive review of theory underpinning relationship fundraising

In January 215, Rogare began a comprehensive review of relationship fundraising. In a project jointly funded by US donor management software company Bloomerang and American fundraising agency – Pursuant, Rogare set out to identify academic theories that fundraisers can use to further enhance the donor experience. The resulting four-volume report – Relationship Fundraising: Where Do […]

Yesterday In Parliament…

The following is a summary of the House of Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee discussion of Fundraising in the Charitable Sector that took place on Tuesday 3 November 2015. The House of Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee considered evidence from witnesses in relation to fundraising in the charitable sector. Questions were […]

Can We Have Some More?

Imagine you’re a parent with a teenager. One day your loving teenager asks for a monthly allowance. You think the request is reasonable and start giving the allowance. All you expect is that you’ll be kept updated on how school is going and maybe once in a while they’ll tidy their room. This arrangement works […]

The Catch-22 for Charity Communications

Recently the Commission on Civil Society and Democratic Engagement published a report that showed how charities of all types felt that in the run up to the last UK election freedom of speech was ‘clearly damaged’. The Commission Chair, Lord Harries of Pentegrath, described the findings as ‘very concerning’ and said it raises ‘alarm bells about the […]