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Is fundraising really that f**ked?

Today Joe Saxton published a great post – Is fundraising F**ked? It appears the Joe’s post may have fallen into a bit of Pessimism Bias black hole of despondency and looked at the glass as being half empty. To counter this, here are some reasons to be (slightly) more cheerful (to paraphrase Ian Dury). 1/2 […]

The Challenge of Changing Fundraising Culture

The Commission on the Donor Experience’s Blueprint for Transforming Fundraising has an opening paragraph that boldly states: So deeply ingrained is the short-term, target-driven culture across fundraising in the UK that significant numbers of practising fundraisers, their leaders and their agents still struggle to genuinely understand this. Our purpose therefore is nothing less than a […]

An Introduction to Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecards

The strategy map and balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and management system that is used extensively in business and industry, government, and non-profit organisations worldwide to align business activities to their vision and mission, improve internal and external communications and monitor organisational performance against strategic goals. We have produced a comprehensive briefing document on […]

Can We Have Some More?

Imagine you’re a parent with a teenager. One day your loving teenager asks for a monthly allowance. You think the request is reasonable and start giving the allowance. All you expect is that you’ll be kept updated on how school is going and maybe once in a while they’ll tidy their room. This arrangement works […]

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