Supporter Engagement Consultancy

We work with charities, not-for-profits and ethically-driven organisations. We help them engage supporters, fundraise and market themselves more effectively. We use rigorous analysis and creative thinking to transform organisational performance.

We make sense of complex challenges and address sensitive situations with tact and impartiality. Our flexible approach means we deliver effective solutions for organisations of all sizes.

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Clear Thinking

“One of the most productive consultancy experiences that I have been involved in. You had prepared so well, listened so hard and invested a lot of time and effort in between the sessions…we got much further down the road than I had thought possible given the time available”

Zoë Norris
Global Systems and Supporter Development Manager, The Donkey Sanctuary

GDRP Compliance

In May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force. It will impact all organisations sending direct marketing communications to supporters. Organisations will need to be able demonstrate full compliance with the regulations and how they are keeping their donor records updated as communications preferences change. We work with organisations, like The Donkey Sanctuary, to put in place the necessary systems and processes to ensure supporters are engaged appropriately and effectively.

Complexity Simplified

Effective consultancy solutions

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Fundraising Policy Development

It is imperative that charities can demonstrate high levels of ethical fundraising practice to their donors. One of the key ways this can be done is to ensure an organisation has a clear and transparent fundraising policy and supporting guidelines.  Recently we conducted a global review of Amnesty’s fundraising policies and simplified the complex documents into a single, cohesive publication to ensure they could fundraise effectively from the public and can continue their work to stop human rights abuses.

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Impartial and Helpful

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Fundraising Proposition Development

Good fundraising propositions are notoriously challenging to develop. We have have worked with a variety of organisations, including Alzheimer’s Society, to help develop fundraising propositions that clearly articulate the need that has to be addressed, the solution that requires funding and the impact that donors can have on the lives of beneficiaries.


Adaptable and Flexible


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Interim Fundraising Support

For many organisations, a changing workforce is a fact of business life. Often, organisations find themselves facing a hiatus as one manager leaves and another joins. Most organisations, at some point, will have the need for flexible and adaptable interim support. Recently we provided interim Director of Fundraising support and managed the largest fundraising office of World Animal Protection, a global animal welfare charity raising vital funds from the public, major donors and legacies.



Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecards

We are experts at developing strategy maps and balanced scorecards for a range of organisations. The strategy map process helps clarify vision, mission, core competencies and values and articulates complex strategic thinking in a simple and clear manner. Recently we facilitated the development of an organisational strategy map and balanced scorecard for Transparency International, which aims to deliver an expanded programme of anti-corruption activities in Romania.

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No Stone Unturned

Evidence-Based Consultancy Solutions

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Income Growth Insights and Analysis

It is critical for charity leaders to understand, manage and monitor the key business drivers that directly impact on the success of an organisation. We build robust analytical tools to enable this to happen. Recently, we developed a growth model for Asthma UK, to better understand the effectiveness of their income streams. Pentatonic has had extensive experience conducting analysis of this nature for a broad range of organisations.

Asthma UK

Innovation and Differentiation


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Brand Development

Most companies operate in crowded and competitive markets. Organisations need their products or services to have a number of unique or differentiated attributes to help drive donors, clients and customers to decide to engage. We worked with CAMRADATA to build a new brand identify that was, in part, effectively delivered via a range of websites, custom-built to deliver engaging experiences for new and existing clients.


Wind turbine

Fundraising Advice

For many charities fundraising from the public is the foundation of their sustainable income. We have extensive experience devising direct marketing fundraising campaigns using mailing packs, DRTV ads, online media, emails, face-to-face and inserts. Recently we have provided on-demand fundraising advice and support to 10:10, the awesome grassroots climate change charity and Amnesty International sections in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico so they could fundraise effectively from the public and can continue their work to stop human rights abuses.

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